Let’s discuss why telemarketing is necessary for most B2B businesses. And why lead generation, appointment setting, event marketing, market research/surveys, etc… are best outsourced.

Outsourced Telemarketing Helps Your Bottom Line

Lead generation is a vital business activity that – believe it or not – your salespeople should not be doing themselves.

Surprised? Don’t be.

A salesperson creates value when he closes deals and sells. Salespeople often carry quotas and are usually under intense pressure to bring in new business.

Lead generation is the process of sifting through hundreds or thousands of contacts, contacting every single one, and determining whether there is a close “fit” with the organization’s products and services.

A little known fact is that experienced sales people hate to prospect. Lead generation is just a distraction from their real talent. Which is developing client relationships and using the business’s offerings to create new value for their customers.

Skyrocket Events  does the prospecting for you. So your salespeople (or you) can focus on the real job – selling.

Lead Generation Provides Qualified Leads

Lead generation is the process of obtaining company names and names of contacts who are likely to convert into sales for the company. These are qualified leads.

The key is “qualified”. Almost all sources of contacts, such as your web site contact forms, or a data service, are just so much raw data. Each might be qualified… or might be a wrong number, or the wrong business for you.

Cold calling supplies you or your sales people with real leads … qualified leads. Qualified leads are contacts that fit your product, your services, and your business model.

Each qualified lead is a manager or executive who will listen to your offer. They are real managers and businesses that are ready to take your call.

Skyrocket Events  creates those qualified leads for you.

How Skyrocket Events Provides Qualified Leads

To start a new campaign, you just fill out our simple but comprehensive new campaign questionnaire. If you need help with it, just give us a call or email us. This questionnaire gives us an integrated picture of of your ideal customer, your line of business, and how you provide value to your customers.

After studying your profile, we then talk with you about campaign, and what kind of results you’re looking for.

Next, we obtain targeted contacts – businesses to cold call – so that we can start finding the managers and executives who would like to speak with you.

You may have a list of old accounts, or contacts from a database, or a list from a broker. We will use your data for outbound calling. Or, Skyrocket Events can provide the list, subject to your exact requirements – at no additional charge. We can target by locality, business type, SIC code and industry, Yellow Pages category, size of business, and much more. Your choice.

We can schedule a “rehearsal” and allow you to listen in on a test call or two. We will make adjustments to the script as necessary.

We will then call your contacts. Every contact that would like to speak with you or who leaves the door open is considered a lead. We give you the results of every call – even a recording of each call, if you wish.

You don’t pay for wrong numbers or businesses that are defunct. You only pay for completed calls that reach a “yes or no” point with a decision maker.

What you receive from us over the following days are qualified leads: businesses that can afford your service and who will take your call.

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