Surveys and Market Research

Skyrocket Events can get the answers you need for your business.

You need to know what people want next. You need to know what your customers think. And you need the good along with the bad. You need to know about holes and gaps in your strategy, and opportunities for improvement. And you need to know what you have already covered to everyone’s satisfaction. That’s what surveys and research provide – data that you can use.

You need reliable information – and enough “data points” that you can infer clear patterns of customer responses – in order to move ahead in your business.

Are you finding that emailed and voluntary surveys are being ignored? We have a solution.

We use the power of telemarketing to collect information that is vital for managing and shaping all of your customer and product related business activities: marketing, sales, customer support, and product development.

Skyrocket Events can provide all of this vital information that you need in your business. Quickly, deterministically, and reliably.

Why Skyrocket Events Delivers – for Market Research and Surveys

If you have any of these needs, then Skyrocket Events can help:

  • Market Research
  • Phone Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The key problem that you probably face with your existing market research or survey methods is lack of response.

Your most (or least) satisfied customers may simply not bother to glance at an emailed request for their feedback. And a party who is not your customer now may simply find no reason to respond to market research questions.

Telemarketing is an outreach. We really do “interrupt” people in their daily life. We use that polite interruption to gently request the customer’s opinion on the topic of your survey or research project.

How to Get Started with Skyrocket Events Surveys and Market Research

We assign your project to one of our account representatives, who will work with you to refine the survey or research questions.

We will also work with your business to come up with a list of survey or research targets. We can pull contact data selectively from millions of businesses if you do not have a list.

We then get to work calling and offering the survey. We provide you with the data, broken down per called party.

It’s that easy.

Fill out the  contact form, or call us at 800-915-7450 for a free, no-obligation consultation.