We Make Connections. We’re Your Voice.

Skyrocket Events does the hard, tedious work of cold calling for you.

But what we really do is provide you with connections to new prospects that you didn’t have before.

Depending upon your product or service, you may wish to have Skyrocket Events schedule an appointment with each qualified lead. Or, you can use the initial call to offer each lead a complementary value-added service or product, or to make a special offer.

What can you do with qualified leads? Anything you like.

The goal is new connections, which lead to new sales opportunities.

Appointment Setting With Skyrocket Events

Skyrocket Events  provides appointment setting as an alternative to basic lead generation. Appointment setting is the core pre-sales activity that most of our clients desire.

Skyrocket Events can integrate the appointment setting with the initial cold call to every contact.

What is an Appointment?

Any of the following situations is perfect for Skyrocket Events appointment setting.

  • In-person sales call to the prospect’s place of business (best for local or regional campaigns)
  • A pre-scheduled phone appointment(best for national level campaigns)
  • webinar appointment(online demonstration or information presentation)
  • A product or service demonstration, at your facility or the prospect’s place of business

Other Initial Approaches to Qualified Leads

Besides a appointment setting, Skyrocket Events can make an alternative proposal during the telemarketing call.

Many prospects are busy and an initial appointment may not be feasible in all cases. Some sales are complex, and the prospect may wish to study your product or your ideas, or may wish to read more in order to become receptive to an offer. For many reasons, an appointment may not be the option that your qualified lead is comfortable with.

To provide better odds of creating connections with as many prospects as possible, we can also offer each contact:

  • A survey: We can offer an opportunity to participate in a phone or online survey (an incentive offered to all participants, such as a full report on the results of the survey, increases the positive responses to this kind of offer.)
  • Introductory mailing:We can offer an introductory letter, or a price list or catalog, or other collateral of your choosing.
  • Special report:We can offer a special report of your creation for the lead’s industry or area of business, which can serve as a way to introduce the lead to your expertise and to create a favorable impression of your expertise.
  • Mailing list:We can offer to place the lead in an email campaign sent periodically by your business.
  • Complementary evaluation or consultation:We can offer a “free” service of your choice that will create immediate value for the lead with no commitment.
  • Complementary product or samples:We can offer a “free” sample of a product of your choice.

An alternative offer made during the initial contact by our agent may be more productive than attempting to set an appointment. This offer can be a platform for a future business relationship.

Our goal at Skyrocket Events is to provide a way for every qualified lead to say “yes”.

Skyrocket Events Will Help Plan and Deploy Your Initial Offer

Skyrocket Events  can help you plan an effective initial approach to your qualified leads. We will seamlessly integrate whatever method of initial contact that you prefer – appointment setting, or one of the other options – into your next telemarketing campaign.

The only limitation on the type of initial approach is your creativity, your internal resources and your marketing budget.

We can blend the approaches, too. For example, if the lead does not wish to schedule an appointment, they may instead respond well to an offer of a free report, or they may prefer a free sample of product. When we call every contact, we will use your chosen initial offer as the basis for further action. If this is not accepted by the contact, we will move on to another offer that has been arranged for your campaign.

Our goal is to give every qualified lead a good reason to say “yes”. And to make a connection to support later follow up, even if the first answer is not “yes”.

Fill out the  contact form, or call us at 800-915-7450 for a free, no-obligation consultation.