Lead Generation

If You Need New Customers, You Need Leads and Opportunities.

Skyrocket Events  can generate leads for you, whenever you need them.

Leads are the right people with the ability to buy your products. Depending upon your target market, needs and customer profile, we can provide all of the leads  that you can possibly use.

Skyrocket Events develops leads and opportunities by using telemarketing. With a supply of qualified leads supplied by Skyrocket Events, your sales team can get to work selling.

Why Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the single most effective way to generate a consistent supply of leads.

Telemarketing works for you when you need it. Most other forms of lead generation depend upon outside factors and timing of external events.

Telemarketing doesn’t depend upon the mood of prospects, the placement of ads, seasonal conditions, or the effectiveness of web based content marketing campaign. And unlike lead generation tactics such as marketing at conferences and trade shows or print advertising, telemarketing is not dependent upon the timing of external events or service providers.

Why Outsource Your Lead Generation?

B2B telemarketing is tough. Effective telemarketing requires professionalism, experience, persistence, and a very thick skin, as well as excellent verbal and presentation skills.

We handle the initial calling. We take the rejections for you. And we find the best possible prospects for your business.

Engaging Skyrocket Events’s telemarketing services can let your best salespeople shine as subject matter experts and as trusted advisers, not as telemarketers. With qualified leads in hand from Skyrocket Events, your salespeople’s detailed knowledge of your industry, your niche, and your products and services can be leveraged for maximum profitability.

How Will Skyrocket Events Create Leads and Find Opportunities for You?

It all starts with accountability. You will have a dedicated account manager who is personally responsible for every phase of your campaign. If you have any concerns or problems or you need to modify the campaign, your Account Manager is your single stop for information and action.

Skyrocket Events  first helps you plan an effective initial approach to your suspect list. We work with you to create qualifying questions and offers that will be used in every outbound call.

We then develop a quality list of suspects – businesses that have qualities that make them highly likely targets for a business relationship. You can supply the list. Or we can use high quality information services at our disposal to create the list for your campaign, subject to your inspection and approval.

Professionalism? Skyrocket Events agents are well-educated professionals – many of our agents have bachelor’s degrees or advanced degrees in marketing, business, and other professional fields.

On the phone, our agents will act as members of your organization and identify themselves essentially as your internal people, if you like. We can even duplicate your business’s caller ID for all outbound calls.

We will help you fine tune your message, zero in on leads, and help you plan future telemarketing campaigns. We add value even after the job is done.

What Do You Get from a Skyrocket Events Telemarketing Campaign?

You get qualified leads that want to hear from your business. Leads are the raw material that your sales staff can readily transform into customers.

We start with many suspects and from those we identify the best fits for new business relationships with you.

Prospects are those who have taken action to solve a problem that you may be able to assist them with. Leadsare a list of qualified possible buyers. And opportunities are those who express a concrete desire to engage in a business relationship with you in the near future.

Our agents will indicate the the urgency of each target’s needs. Your own sales people can then confidently use this information to plan follow-up calls and contacts, knowing that the persons being contacted wish to either receive more information from your company, or they are ready to do business now.

If you’re curious how a particular lead was developed, we can show you. Everything we do for you is logged for your later inspection. We enter computerized call logs, we record all call results, and we generate audio files of every call. You can download any of this information on demand.

Your salespeople can do what they’re best at – analyzing customer needs and making offers.

With a steady, affordable stream of leads supplied by Skyrocket Events.