Skyrocket Events is your business partner throughout the life cycle of your event promotion.  Partnership means that:

  • We learn your needs, your goals, and exactly what you expect out of your event. We help you achieve your goals.
  • We learn about your event and the profile of your attendees and sponsors. Our agents are committed to deep knowledge about your event so that we can intelligently present and discuss your event in a professional, knowledgeable way.
  • Our terms are fair and transparent. We explain every aspect of the financial investment that you are about to undertake in trusting Skyrocket Events with your event marketing project.
  • We provide marketing and strategic support pre-event and post-event. We can help you discover patterns in the data that we uncover while marketing your event that allows you to plan more profitable and synergistic events that benefit the bottom line of your business.


Skyrocket Events features transparency as a key benefit of all of our services, including event voicemarketing.

We provide full information about all calls that we make for you:

  • Live listen-in is available
  • Call recordings are available
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Notes by agent for every call
  • Phone numbers that are no-answers, disconnected, or which have changed are not charged. 


Skyrocket Events uses voicemarketing to attendees after an event – to help you substantially improve all aspects of your event planning and production experience for later events.

What does post event voicemarketing do for you?

  • We can generate leads for future events.
  • We can measure attendee satisfaction to help plan subsequent events better.
  • We can gather testimonials that directly support the marketing of future events in the series.

Post event voicemarketing reinforces a great, positive relationship with your past attendees by showing that you care – you are interested in the experience that they received at your event.

The benefits don’t end there. Let’s next discuss Skyrocket Events’s proprietary system for energizing your business through event voicemarketing.


If your business develops and promotes events in order to create a pipeline of new clients, or even if you promote events only to realize a modest profit, Skyrocket Events can help.

Return on Event is the return of value that our clients see from Skyrocket Events event marketing campaigns.

How does Return on Event work?

  1. Improved new client acquisition:  If you use events as a means to enlist new clients for your business, then our post-event voicemarketing can help you. Our voicemarketing can gather information to determine exactly what aspects of your event were attractive to attendees who chose to become your clients. If new clients are a priority, we can help you determine how to sign more clients from your events.
  2. Improved sponsorship:The more detailed information that you can provide to prospective sponsors, the greater confidence that sponsors will have that your event can deliver value to them. And that makes it more likely that sponsors will sign on.
  3. Increased future attendance:Fine tuning your event’s format and content based upon the results of voicemarketing surveys can increase attendance overall at future events in the series.
  4. Better relationships with attendees and sponsors:Skyrocket Events provides value to you in terms of relationship building and data that is many times the value that you can hope to obtain from an inexpensive and impersonal email survey solution.

So, what is the bottom line of ROE for you, the event promoter? Higher profitability. Skyrocket Events’ post-event voicemarketing can help transform your events from break-even propositions to profit centers.

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