Skyrocket Events Delivers Real Engagement with Real Businesses.

Quickly & Cost-Effectively.

Are internet based marketing solutions failing to deliver for your business?

Do you have…

  • Salespeople that don’t have qualified leads to work on?
  • Lists of prospects that need to be cleaned up and updated?
  • Market research that isn’t getting done in a timely way?
  • Online polls that don’t receive traction?
  • Events that are begging for signups?
  • Sponsorships that need to be filled in order to make an event or a project feasible?
  • Upsells that aren’t getting done – legacy customers who may be receptive to new offers but no economical way to reach them?
  • Customer satisfaction surveys that are not getting answered?

Telemarketing gets up close and personal with real business people. Cost effectively and quickly. Skyrocket’s professionals use the telephone as the tool of choice, to deliver all of the things that online marketing cannot:

  • Sales leads and prospects on demand
  • Surveys that get answered
  • Attendees for events
  • Sponsors for causes and events
  • New business from old customers
  • Real engagement with the customers, prospects and leads that will turn into real opportunities.

Use BlueBeard to create, maintain and improve connections with prospects, users, and stakeholders whom you’d never reach in any other way.

Over 200,000+ COLD CALLS FOR 200+ Clients

Skyrocket Has Experience With Your Favorite CRM

Testimonials Tell The Story.

"I was very pleased with this team of professionals. Their work was solid and they put forth an amazing effort. I will be using them again."

Principal & Strategy Director, thinkBIG Innovative Design and Marketing

"Exceeded my expectations! Well done guys! Thanks for a job VERY well done! Professional, coachable, courteous and thorough. I highly recommend Tim."

Executive Sales Manager, Shift Marketing Studio

"Friendly team, US-based, good workers. We’ll definitely work with you again if we get a chance. Thanks for the help!"

Marketing Consultant, Eleven Hockey Sticks

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