Q: Why should we consider telemarketing as a marketing tool for us?

A: There are many great reasons. High quality telemarketing as performed by Skyrocket Events cuts through the background noise of email, advertising, social media marketing, direct mail, and all other passive forms of marketing. Telemarketing is fast: it combines marketing and sales in one activity called “prospecting”.  Telemarketing gathers intelligence for you: it is one of the few ways in which you can receive instantaneous feedback to your offering. Telemarketing is highly targeted: you only pay for contact with businesses or individuals who are the highest probability prospects for your offering. Telemarketing is extremely cost effective compared to alternatives such as paid online advertising, direct mail, and in-person appointments.

Q: Isn’t telemarketing intrusive? As a private individual, I despise the interruptions of phone calls to our house during the dinner hour. And as a business owner, I dislike being interrupted on the job.

A: Skyrocket Events specializes in customized, highly targeted telemarketing campaigns, which minimizes friction and inappropriate calls. First of all, we work with you closely to carefully and tightly define a target audience for all calls that we make for you. So, calls to these targets generally have direct value to their businesses. Secondly, we work with you to develop carefully crafted talking points that will have direct appeal to the target group that we have identified. We are professionals – we sell benefits to your prospects – we don’t just read from a script. And our agents engage the called person in a friendly, open conversation, so that they know that their time and intelligence is being respected. Also, we recruit US based telemarketing agents exclusively and they must have a professional sales background in order to even be considered to work for Skyrocket Events. Lastly, we don’t “take hostages”. Any contacted party who expresses annoyance with the call or non-interest in our message is politely excused, and we provide you with this information so that you can update your lead database.

Q: We’ve heard so much about permission marketing and social media marketing, which are essentially free. Why don’t we just save the money and just use that?

A: Social media requires a substantial investment of time, content creation, and research to successfully build a following of subscribers. You may even have to hire an outside consultant to help with content and methods of publicity. This means that social media publicity is not really “free”. Constructing a social media page properly is time-consuming and it can take months to build up a fan base or following. Third, social media is really not appropriate as a medium to actively seek out new prospects. It is possible to do considerable reputational damage to a social media page by marketing too aggressively online. Overall, social media is a valuable complement to every business’s marketing tools, but it is not universally effective as a marketing and sales vehicle, because it is not really intended to sell anything.

Q: Isn’t an email blast the same basic thing as telemarketing? And it’s also a lot cheaper.

A: Unsolicited email is simply providing a piece of written content, which (in most instances) will not be read. Like social media, email has its own expenses, risks and downsides. Email itself can be risky as a marketing vehicle for the following reasons. Legislation and attitudes in the business and technology community toward SPAM are harsh and uncompromising, and sending email to many parties that have not requested such contact is a risk to your reputation. Much unsolicited email is bounced or disappears undeliverable: some businesses strictly “whitelist” approved sources of email and block the rest. Email has great marketing value, but only in the context where the recipient has requested to be added to your list.

Q: What about direct mail? It’s tried and proven.

A: Much of what we said about email also applies to direct mail advertising and marketing. Along with the poor probability of even being read, a quality direct mailing is fairly expensive to assemble and mail. So you are paying to send a lot of mail that never even gets opened. Content for mailings is extremely important, and can itself be quite expensive to produce. Telemarketing is cheaper per actual contacted person than unsolicited direct mail, and much more effective.

Q:  Why can’t we do our own telemarketing?

A: Sure you can! But be advised: almost all professionals in most walks of life regard cold calling as a difficult, laborious, stressful experience. If you demand that your internal people “cold call”, you may have a mutiny on your hands. At Skyrocket Events, we love to cold call. Most people simply don’t. (And that’s a fact.) And we have the training, professional background, and personalities to make it work for your business.

Q: We’d like to try telemarketing but we don’t have any leads.

A: Skyrocket Events has access to its own high-quality, very clean business and consumer databases. This is a very value-added part of our business: some list agencies charge 50 cents or more per lead, but we can essentially provide leads for free as part of any telemarketing campaign. We can generate a lead list for your telemarketing campaign based upon executive title, SIC code or industry description, business size, locality down to the zip code or business district, or by any combination of criteria that you can imagine.

Q: Why should we work with Skyrocket Events?

A: Skyrocket Events adds value to every telemarketing campaign. It is not just about the calling – we give you actionable marketing data from every campaign. We have US-based, professional telemarketing agents, to ensure the best callee experience. Our systems return a massive amount of data from our calling for you: we are the most transparent provider of telemarketing services that you will find.