Skyrocket Events can help you derive revenue from an existing client base that already seems to have purchased everything that it needs.

Do You Have the Following Situation?

You have a list of customers that you have helped in the past. After the initial contact,  their interest may have faded after they placed a few orders or taken advantage of a new customer offer.

You know your past customers are financially qualified and you know that you have provided value to them in the past. In sales terms, they’re the highest probability opportunities-in-waiting that your business depends upon.

Every business owner must treat all satisfied past customers as possible future customers. It’s literally “money on the table”.

But sending out periodic mailings, catalogs, and email blasts to your base of past customers just isn’t working.Sometimes the revenue barely offsets the expense of mailings and the content marketing that is required.

How do you derive new value from those old customers?

Skyrocket Events Revives Customer Interest in Your Offerings

Skyrocket Events has a personalized, one-on-one solution to this problem of unrealized “buried” profits: telemarketing.

You already have a list of past customers. All you need to do in order to use our services is segment the list by possible customer needs. And then formulate offers to those segments of your list. Or perhaps you have an offer that is appropriate to all of your past clientele.

Once you supply us with your customer lists and your offer, we get to work calling through the list, re-introducing your best past customers to your products and services, and offering incentives that you have identified that may result in new sales.

We can complete each call for about the cost of a couple of month’s worth of mailings and catalogs. With far higher impact and much higher chances of closing a new sale than passively mailing out sales literature.

Start Finding the Gold Buried in Your Customer List.

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